Reimbursement of professional debt recovery costs?

Acting effectively in the Polish market  of  B2B receivables  for over 11 years,  we have often been asked by our clients whether it was possible to regain or compensate any expenditures borne in connection with professional debt recovery services. Until recently, if both parties (creditor  ↔ debtor) had not made relevant contractual provisions regarding this matter, it was impossible.

Now it is possible!

On 28th of April  the new law regarding  commercial transaction maturity has come to force . Principle of  this bill is to provide new effective rules and  tools preventing from payment gridlock.  One of many regulation in the new law, but yet one of most importance allow creditors to charge debtor with creditors debt recovery costs!

How it works?

Based on our knowledge and  experience we strongly advise to begin professional debt recovery proceedings no later than 60 days after invoice payment deadline. It has been proven that doing so gives 80% more chance of  collecting receivables before the court proceedings!
Therefore do not hesitate to take necessery actions in this direction! 
Team of IBS POLSKA professionals will be more than happy to help you answer any questions regarding new law both in theory as well as in practice by conducting effective actions on your debtor. Let us help you!


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