Court proceedings – its aim is to protect a creditor against receivables' period of prescription.

When amicable actions turn out to be ineffective or there is the risk of limitation of receivables period of prescription, there is a need to direct a matter to court.
Our lawyers will direct, on your behalf, the lawsuit to court in the so called payment-order proceedings, cheaper and faster than the standard writ-of-payment proceedings.

During that lawsuit our legal representatives (attorney-at-law or legal advisor) will prepare and submit on the behalf of a Client (creditor) a lawsuit as the first lawsuit document in the case for payment.

There is also the possibility of bringing an action in electronic writ-of-payment proceedings (in the situation when we have no documents which would constitute the basis for demanding the order of payment in the payment-order proceedings). Then, attorney-at-law or legal advisor brings an action in the *.xml format in the so called e-court, at the address: (

Should a debtor lodge a means of challenge, a suitable answer shall be submitted (answer to an objection / counter-schedule / letter containing the position to a response to a suit) in the form of a lawsuit paper approved and signed by an attorney-at-law or a legal advisor. At each stage of the process, our office fully fulfils the rule of contradictoriness, not giving a debtor the chance to undermine the legitimacy of the amount pursued in an action.

In case of an order for payment under the payment-order proceedings, proceedings to secure claims are instigated before such bailiff who, after the prior telephone contact, ensured the efficient enforcement of security.
Should the matter be directed to court, we ensure legal representation in the whole country.

After the decision of the court has come into force, an application for appending the enforcement clause, alternatively for serving the writ of execution (if the enforcement clause is ordered ex officio – in case of orders for payment), is immediately submitted.

In special cases, parallel to amicable stage, the law office lodges in court the application for a summons to a conciliation hearing, what in case of the debtor's refusal to acknowledge the debt at amicable stage, automatically causes an interruption of the running of the statue of limitations, the debtor receives the correspondence from court about the date of conciliatory hearing.

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