Economic intelligence – economic information on entrepreneurs

Securing the interests of our Business Partners is one of the profiles of the Company's operations. By comprehensive services connected with verification of creditworthiness and the assessment of payment history of their Clients, already at the stage before the conclusion of an agreement by our Clients, we ensure professional support.

In the framework of economic intelligence, we offer domestic and foreign Partners the services of providing current economic information about entities that have registered business activities in Poland. Moreover, we ensure comprehensive reports including the legal and financial situation of the verified companies in Poland and abroad.

Our Partners in this scope are:

  • Krajowy Rejestr Długów – Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej S.A.
  • Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej InfoMonitor S.A. (BIG InfoMonitor)
  • Biuro Informacji Kredytowej BIK S.A.
  • Info Veriti Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • Serwis Prawno – Gospodarczym LexisNexis (SPG)
  • Informacja Prawno – Gospodarcza Wolters Kluwer Polska (IPG)
  • Wywiadownia gospodarcza COFACE POLAND
  • Wywiadownia gospodarcza Dun & Bradstreet Poland Sp. z. o.o.
  • Leading detective agencies (in the scope of conducting open and covert source intelligence).

Thanks to the cooperation with debt collector’s offices and district courts from the whole Poland, we are able to obtain information on any court and enforcement proceedings in progress against your potential Clients, and on the possible bankruptcy petitions.

At special requests of our Clients, in cooperation with the befriended detective agencies, we also render the services connected with the so called open and covert source economic intelligence, with connecting the debtor's property and we do other substandard activities connected with  securing the interests of our Partners.

Other services of our company, frequently used by large financial institutions, is determining the inheritors of dead debtors and legal aid in conducting procedures for revealing property before courts.

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