Why is it worth to begin your professional career in IBS Polska?

The services rendered and fulfilled in the framework of our business activities are characterised by stable, highest in its class, quality, that is why only people who are hard-working, ambitious, who can turn their experiences and interesting ideas into effective business solutions, have the chance to join our team.

If you want to broaden your knowledge continually, it is important for you to create new values, and you would like to have your own unique contribution in the consecutive successes of our Company, join now our team!

Join us

IIBS Polska is the Company which offers its Clients a wide range of services in the scope of receivables management. Using our 10-year experience in rendering debt-collection, legal and financial services, we offer our commercial partners efficient and comprehensive service. Due to an individual approach to each case as well as full commitment in conducting our Clients' cases by well-qualified specialists in different fields of law, economics, taxes, accounting and human resources management, our employees participate every day in the process of acquiring new skills and abilities which permeate and supplement one another.

We are confident that generating outstanding results is possible thanks to teamwork, that is why, close cooperation between individual divisions of the organization structure of IBS Polska allows to use the possessed knowledge and potential for the benefit of our customers as effectively as possible.

Responding to the current job offer, please send your application (CV with the cover letter) to the address indicated in a given advertisement.

Stages of recruitment

In connection with the dynamic development of our Company and the implementation of new services which we offer to our Clients and business partners, only such people will find employment in our company for whom work is not only the way of earning money, but also the possibility of shaping an interesting path of the professional development, taking up new challenges, setting oneself ambitious objectives with the active support of our managing team.

The recruitment process for people interested in undertaking a job in our company conventionally consists of four stages in the framework of which the following verification of the qualifications of individual candidates is made::


  • Step I – Analysis of documents

    The first step of the recruitment process is the selection of candidates on the basis of the sent applications. Having received recruitment documents, a HR employee will analyse the information contained in them with the reference to the job profile.


  • Step II – Telephone conversation – pre-selection interview

    We will contact selected people to explain the possible doubts as to the application documents as well as determine initially our mutual expectations. At this stage of the recruitment process, we will invite selected people for job interview.


  • Step III - Interview

    During the meeting, we will want to obtain detailed information concerning your professional experience and education, and verify the level of selected competences. Your visit is always confirmed by a recruitment questionnaire. In cases of some job positions, you can be asked to fill in psychological, language, or other tests verifying the level of specific competences.
    It is good for you to also ask questions at this stage, that is why do not be afraid to obtain information which is important for you and might turn out to be extremely significant at another stage of the recruitment process, and right after starting work in our Organization!


  • Step IV – Feedback

    Within two weeks from the meeting, you will get feedback about the result of the recruitment process via telephone or post. In a situation when the final assessment of your competences has been positive, you will be invited to a final interview to discuss the terms and conditions of employment and sign the contract of employment.

Comprehensive development of employees

We look for highly-motivated people who value teamwork. People who learn quickly, but also those who have the courage to share their abilities and professional experiences with others.
The work in our Company means access to state-of-the-art solutions and technologies. Both the internal and the external system of education, as well as the possibility of work on various projects will allow employees to continuously raise their qualifications. One of such tools is the electronic learning platform – e-learning. We are eager to share our experience, but we are also counting on the possibility of taking advantage of the knowledge of newly employed people for the benefit of the whole Organization!
IBS Polska Sp. z o.o. in a comprehensive way services the whole process of managing receivables from the moment of their creation to the moment of payment. IBS Polska renders services to the entities of COMPLEX Capital Group and to external entities.


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