Mission statement

We render debt-collecting, legal and financial services for our institutional Clients and for entrepreneurs from the B2B sector in a professional and comprehensive way by implementing and maintaining high standards in the area of safety of economic turnover, building legal awareness amongst entrepreneurs and thanks to pro-active creating of innovative elements of improving their financial liquidity.



The IBS Polska Company observes the generally adopted values and rules binding in the economic turnover in all segments of the conducted activities. The company is aware of its obligations towards its all external and internal clients and always strives after full satisfaction of entities with which it cooperates.
We constantly care about fulfilling the highest ethical standards, we observe the generally accepted social conventions, as well as we adhere to the binding legal rules and regulations. Thanks to our employees – specialists in managing receivables – we are constantly striving for the effective and efficient protection of our Clients' interests, the improvement of their financial liquidity as well as the increase of their legal awareness in order to create the environment of safety and mutual trust for the business activities conducted by them. Implementing effective methods and systems of managing receivables of our clients, as well as developing  modern and unique methods of receiving receivables on the market of debt-collection and legal services is the indicator of our activity.
All our activities are in 100% targeted at the fulfilment of our Clients' objectives based on the clarity and transparency rule and the rule of mutual trust. We offer comprehensive debt-collection, legal and financial services to our Clients. We support entrepreneurs in their everyday work, we protect their interests through the efficient monitoring system, pre-debt-collection services, trainings on verifying customers and protecting the economic turnover, as well as efficient and modern methods of managing receivables. We ensure the conducting of the comprehensive process of debt-collection of receivables, starting from amicable actions, through mediation, court proceedings, proceedings to secure claims, enforcement proceedings, finally to long-term monitoring of receivables after ineffective enforcement.

Our key objective is the efficient protection of our Clients' interests as well as constant striving for self-improvement through the continuous development of the company in the direction of increasing its financial potential, and obtaining funds from the outside for further investments for creating a safe and modern environment of protection of interests of the Polish entrepreneurs operating on international markets. We want to be the leader in the field of consultancy and law enforcement for Polish entrepreneurs. Our Clients' satisfaction is the most important value for us!


Artur Jankowski
President of the Management Board of IBS

Polska Sp. z o. o


International Business Services Polska Sp. z o.o.

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